Saturday, December 23, 2017

Obamacare Is Dead.... Long Live Obamacare...

Reports of the demise of the ACA/Obamacare are premature.

Yes, the individual mandate is no more. Yes, premiums will likely increase over time as more healthy individuals choose to become uninsured because there is no financial penalty.

But anyone expecting a wholesale collapse of the system is mistaken.

This year, the first under Trump, was the first sign-up period where the administration didn't extend the deadline for sign-ups for Obamacare. They didn't do advertising. Several states have undone the state program. What was the impact from everything that they did to drop sign-ups and undermine the law?

Enrollments dropped. By 4 percent.

That is it. 4 percent. All of that and it made no real difference. People like and use Obamacare. In states with good Governors and legislature they are expanding the exchange or expanding Medicaid. People are getting insurance.

Meanwhile, Congress and Trump are trying to take away insurance coverage from people (instead of fixing it), as well as letting CHIP languish - while hurrying to pass the corporate and wealthy tax breaks.

Something has to give. When the dam breaks, it is going to be a wave. Virginia, Alabama are only precursors to what is coming. Governor Hogan and other blue state GOPers should be afraid. State legislators, mayors, everyone is going to be impacted. 

Obamacare is dead said Trump. Long live Obamacare say the people. Let's see who wins...

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