Sunday, September 9, 2018

King Farm's HOA Contractors? They Are Your Employees. Treat Them As Such.

When I am at work and I see something off - I either tell the employee or I tell their supervisor. 

You know what I don't do?

I don't scream at or curse out the employee - in front of others. I don't berate them or cast aspersions on their character.

If I did, I guarantee I wouldn't be around too long....

That behavior isn't acceptable. It should not be acceptable in our HOA either. Yes, we pay money for these services - from management to snow removal to landscaping to pool oversight. And we should demand our money's worth - and when people don't deliver we should escalate appropriately. Take it to management, then the president, then the Board. That is the way it is supposed to work. If you don't feel you get satisfaction - run for the Board or encourage someone to run or keep pushing that issue.

Heck - yell at us the Board. Or at Martin, he's the President- that is what I do (just joking Martin... or am I?).  We asked for these jobs on the HOA Board/President and you guys voted us in. We are accountable to you and we are big people. We can take a little yelling. Plus, we want to hear if there are problems - really we do.

But - don't take it out on the staffer at the pool who is just trying to do a job. The snow removal guy or a landscaper. Or the office worker.

Yes, maybe they could do a better job. Yes, maybe they need more attention to detail or could answer an email faster or could pull up the crabgrass a little faster. But take it up with management or the president or the Board. And for god's sake - what are you going to gain by yelling or cursing at them except to make everyone (in management, the Board, the President and people everywhere) who hear about it (and I guarantee someone will) think, "Geez, what an ass."

You wouldn't do it to an employee at work. Or to a teacher at your child's school. Or even a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. Don't do it to employees of the HOA either.

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