Saturday, September 14, 2019

On the "Kicking Kids Off The Swim Team" Language

I've been thinking about the post that I put up, and the language I used about "kicking kids off the swim team."

I actually am even more sure about that then I was before.

I don't know much, but I know that is the effect of what seems to be the goal of people in the HOA.

I'm not sorry for saying that or speaking out. I am sorry that some people seem to just shrug or say, "well it doesn't apply to me."

I really don't understand those reactions. But thre broader reactions are really encouraging for our community and speak to the inclusiveness of people. Which, I don't find surprising at all. 

And yes, I truly believe this is about kicking kids off the Swim team.

Is there any requirement that the Swim Team can't include a broad array of people? No, in my opinion, there is not. The HOA is arbitrarily and capriciously trying to say that have that the decision was made, but I don't believe that is the case. President Green and others can say whatever they want and try to muddy the waters and try to cover up for whomever he is carrying water for. But for nearly 20 years the Swim Team has done its job without interference from the Board - now all of the sudden the HOA wants to get involved and tell them exactly how to run things? Green had over 10 years on the Board and as president to say this - but he didn't. Which makes you wonder why now - was he just asleep at the switch or is he  carrying water for someone? 

Green claims that the developer says that the swim team was always suppoposed to be exclusive to King Farm citizens. But didn't the developer turn over control? Doesn't King Farm decide now? Further... where is his proof for such a claim? Documents? Surely he has them. He wouldn't just go forward and make such an explosive claim without documentation? Or would he. Seriously, he is out on a limb here and should be required to show his work.

Trust in the HOA is gone after the handling of the recent embezzlement. You have to show your work these days. Have we learned nothing? 

The HOA should have given up their arrogance long ago. But they haven't I guess. Here is a plan - focus on what we need to improve - and leave alone that which is working. The swim team is working. The Neighbors Village is working. The garden is working. All have volunteers and are fully functioning.

The question is why doesn't the HOA? With shortages of volunteers on the External Affairs committee, the BOCC and others, who is the HOA to try to lecture anybody on how to run a good and efficient organization? 

I don't know if my posts help or hurt my cause. All I can say is I try to tell you what is going on, I speak the truth and you can decide what to do about it.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Kicking Kids Off The King Farm Swim Team

Update - Further Thoughts and Reactions 

Kicking Kids Off The King Farm Swim Team
At the Wednesday meeting of the HOA – they are looking at restricting the members of the community who can be on the Swim Team. Martin Green, the president and others say that membership should be restricted to only people who live in King Farm. Non-resident titleholders and others could be out of luck. Leave aside that membership has included all owners and residents for almost 20 years. Leave aside that these people pay dues. Leave aside that there is no requirement in the Community Charter that they can’t be members.

No, the effect of doing it is kicking kids off the Swim Team. Period.

Their parents have played by the rules the way they understood them. They have been that way for nearly 20 years. And now the HOA led by President Green and others say that they will no longer be allowed to use an amenity that they in fact pay for? That they have been using with no problem for years?

They need to hear from you now. Send an email to and the Board of Trustees at and president Green at

Oh, did I mention this will have the effect of kicking kids off the Swim Team? Kids who haven’t done anything wrong. Kids who have made friends over years. Kids whose friends might include mine or yours and who ask questions. 

Do you want to tell them that it is because the HOA said that they are no longer allowed in the pool or at the Swim Team events?

You know, recently there was a big kerfluffle involving the Rockville City Council race and one candidate who happens to live in King Farm responded by touting diversity and inclusion. It sure seems that King Farm’s HOA President and others aren’t living up to  those words. Where does it end – are lessees next? Residents of the apartments? People who live at residences but aren’t on the title? This is not in keeping with the Community I have come to know and love. But what do I know?

Bottom line: it should be about the kids and about community. I fear that the President and others have lost sight of that for whatever reason. 

Want to let them know how you feel? Send an email to and the Board of Trustees at and president Green at

Tell them not to kick kids off the swim team. It isn’t right.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

On Diversity

Diversity. I like the fact that people are talking about diversity in Rockville. Rockville (or at least Montgomery County) happens to be one of the most diverse places in the country and it's one of the reasons I love it.

College Gardens and Julius West, where my kids go to school, is a very diverse environment. I really like the fact that my kids are exposed to people from all different backgrounds.

And, diversity is one of the things that I really love about King Farm. Just one look at the swim team or at the pool on the weekends and you get a feel for how diverse this neighborhood really is. I like the diversity among my friends and my neighbors.

But diversity is also about more than your background. Its about diversity of residents whatever their circumstances or status. We have stand alone home homeowners, stand alone home renters, townhouse owners and renters, condo owners or renters and people who live in apartments. Yeah, there is some friction here or there, but for the most part people are getting along.

I think we could make even more progress in bringing the neighborhood together and making it more cohesive. Whether through activities, communication, or clubs or other events - I think we can go even further toward being one King Farm community.

But we have to guard against this desire to say, "I'm a homeowner, so I have more rights than you. You're just a renter. Or, you don't live here even though you own." You can see that this is a slippery slope. Where does it end once it starts?

Diversity means more than just words. And more than just which country your ancestors came from. It means a commitment to and valuing the concept of diversity, in all its variations, and trying to further it, rather than trying to diminsh it.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Rockville City Elections - The Dangers of the Slate?

I am a little concerned about the candidate "slates" running for office in the Rockville city election.

How are the "Team Rockville" or "Rockville Forward" different than the Republican vs Democratic parties? Aren't the city elections typically nonpartisan and independent? It sure seems that the direction they are going is to solidify into different political camps.

And what about when elected? Will they have to toe the line on votes or risk not having the endorsement of the slate in the future election? Every candidate should answer that question - especially if they are part of the slate.

And while we are talking about it - who funds the overall commitee? Team Rockville is the oldest and I have to say, I know nothing about how their overall funding works. Or if they coordinate with outside groups. I have the same questions about Team Rockville, but they are newer and there is less to discuss.

It is a concern. Maybe it isn't a dealbreaker for me, but I would like to hear more from the candidates because right now it seems kind of a slippery slope to get politicians beholden to a team rather than to their constituents. I don't think that is right.