Friday, January 25, 2019

Progress on HOA Video of Meetings - Maybe

There has been some movement on the issue of video/audio of giving residents the option to tune in and listen to their Board of Trustees meetings online. 

It has been a long process and there is still more to go. Change and progress are difficult at the best of times. To move the process forward, I proposed a motion and the Board adopted it unanimously - "that management propose a solution to the Board of Trustees on providing real time video or audio dissemination of Board meetings. And that they provide a recommendation by the March board meeting."

The HOA's legal counsel produced a memo that lays out his best advice on "livestreaming" or video-ing meetings. He listed several things that he thought King Farm should consider. The list that legal counsel has given King Farm includes:

1. The logistics of live streaming/recording meetings. For this, the association may wish to contact contractors who handle this type of activity and assess the scope of their services and the equipment needed.
2. What meetings will be live streamed/recorded?
3. Will the association maintain the recordings and if so under what circumstances?
4. How will the association handle potential defamation, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement and other legal considerations that may arise during the flow of a meeting? These types of issues that arise during the flow of the meeting are essentially “out of the barn” and it may be too late to prevent them. Therefore, appropriate mitigation is the next course.
5. How will the association handle live streaming/recording of meetings by members of the audience? If the live streaming/recording disrupts the meeting then the association clearly has the right to preserve order.
6. How will the association deal with recordings when they surface later and perhaps do not accurately reflect what has occurred?
7. Posting appropriate notices that the meeting is being live streamed/recorded so that participants are fully aware that their statements will be received not only by those present but by a larger listening audience.
8. Signs stating disclaimers and including disclaimers as a part of the broadcast that say opinions and statements made during the meeting are those of the individuals making them and not of the association and the individuals will be responsible for their own conduct.

I hope that Management comes back with a workable plan by the March meeting. If they find that there is not a workable plan, I hope they will propose alternatives. We need more openness not less. I look at Kentlands and I see them innovating, being open, and trying new things to engage residents. I see no reason why we can't do the same.

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